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The DJ classes will be provided by KARAH in Rotterdam. In coordination with the participant, he will see what needs are there and which points shall be discussed during the lesson. Classes will be one on one, so that the participant can fully focus on his own learning goals and practice with them. The equipment that is used are CDJ-2000nexus.


KARAH is a Rotterdam based DJ and the owner of Falsive Records. After years of practice, he started professionally DJing in 2018. After being part of multiple agency's, he found an agency that corresponds most with his vision and goals. So in the summer of 2022 he joined Black Mass, where he is now growing as a full time artist with gigs all over Europe. KARAH is always looking for perfection, which can be heard during his sets. He also shares his hard characteristic sounds in various releases. His relentless sounds deliver energy and power to the dancefloor. His tracks are supported by artists such as Rebekah, Kobosil, SPFDJ, 999999999, Lorenzo Raganzini, Gijensu and more. 

Possible learning goals during the class


Beat match

The basis skill for DJing is matching the beat, which takes practice and knowledge on how to perfectly sync tracks together with most likely different BPM.



After you get the hang of the basis skills you can start to experiment with different effects. The equipment gives you many options, but it is important to know when, where and how you do this and on which kind of track. 



How you present yourself during your set is an important aspect of DJing because it allows you to connect with the crowd and makes for a better experience of your adience.



After you match the tracks, the second basis skill is transitioning from one track to another. How do you make this sound flawless and when is it time to get a new track in? 


Track selection

It is important to know what kind of track selection you need to make to give your adience the best experience. You need to be able to read the energy and vibes of the people on the dancefloor and be prepared for changes and adjustments during your set. 


Tips and tricks

Every DJ has his own tips and tricks on how to anticipate on different situations during a set. What do you do if your headset breaks? What if the energy is low in the room? What if the equipment in the club is not ideal? Aspects like these may occur during your set and can be discussed during the lesson. 

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As a beginner, these lessons have given me more insight on what I need to focus on during DJing. Kadir explained clearly all the aspects I needed to know and showed me how I can practice them. After I got the hang of the basis, he showed me more advanced skills. I will definitly book more lessons with him!

Ivano La Sala

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