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With Falsive Academy, we want to create a learning and development environment where we can give back to our community by sharing knowledge, networking and offering advice. This is a safe place where we try to maintain the authenticity and quality of industrial techno sounds by curating masterclasses with professionals from the scene.



We curate online and in-person classes with different professionals specialising in essential aspects of the industrial & hard techno scene. That includes areas like sound design, mixing, mastering, DJing, and coaching. The professionals will meet the needs of the participants and show them tips and tricks in an interactive and accessible way.

DJ & producer

I think these masterclasses give a much better idea of ​​the style and sound of Falsive. Because there are already a lot of masterclasses, but not many for this sound, which is unique. This makes it much more accessible.

DJ & producer

You get so much info and I've had masterclasses that were really expensive and where I just didn't learn anything and here I learned ten times as much in a much shorter amount of time. It is super educational and everyone also wants you to learn it which also makes it motivating.

Seven Synths
DJ & producer

This really helps in creating a safe space. People meet eachother and immediately feel alot more equal with the rest, since everyone comes to learn.

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